Guess the PIN

How does this work?

We randomly select a four-digit number. Visitors guess the number until someone gets it right. Then we randomly select another four-digit number and start again.

What do I win if I guess the PIN?

A confetti party.

Huh? What’s the point?

First, to have some fun. Second, to track the results and see what we learn.

What do you want to learn?

Well, for example, what’s the most commonly guessed PIN?

Okay, what’s the most commonly guessed PIN?

Not surprisingly, it’s 1234, which is guessed 2.04% of the time, or approximately 1 out of every 50 guesses.

What other statistics do you keep?

A lot.

Should I guess my own PIN?


Why not?

Do we really have to tell you?

No, seriously, why not?

While we’ve taken multiple steps to secure the site and don’t associate your guesses with any personally identifiable information, why risk it? Don’t trust us or anyone else on the internet. Never enter your PIN anywhere but at a secure ATM.

Wait, isn’t it called a “PIN Number?”

No, that would make it a “Personal Identification Number Number” and make you guilty of RAS Syndrome.

How do I ask another question?

You can write us via the Bored Button contact form.